Eclectic Soul Artist Ta’Marah Esi. Who is she?

Adjective: Eclectic /ec·lec·tic/ – deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.”her musical tastes are eclectic”

synonyms: wide-ranging, broad-based, extensive, comprehensive, encyclopedic; varied, diverse, multifaced, multifarious

Philosophy: of, denoting, or belonging to a class of ancient philosophers who did not belong to or found any recognized school of though but selected such doctrines as they wished from various schools.

Noun: a person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

The Total Package. Those are the three words that best describe singer – actress Ta’Marah Esi, the Soul Diva of Inspiration. As a song writer, Ta’Marah has successfully fused her undeniable vocal prowess, soulful poetic sound, and funky maverick style to create a sound that is uniquely her own. Replete with though provoking content, spiritual overtones, and occasional tendencies to revisit her Hip-Hop roots, Ta’Marah Esi, the Soul Diva of Inspiration, is now poised to take her seat aside music industry elites.

A resident of Dallas, TX, Ta’Marah was born in Gary, Indiana into a musically gifted family. From the beginning TaMarah noticed that she, too, like the rest of her family, possessed an unusual ability to create sound rhythms, lyrics, and melodies out of thin air. To boot, Ta’Marah was also blessed with outstanding vocal abilities which now allow her skillfully traverse multiple musical genres. She began her musical journey almost two decades ago when she joined a group of four young women called “Aszja”. That group later became a duo and changed its’ name to “Trumphtyte”. Ta’Marah eventually became a solo artist known as “Top Cat”. Shortly thereafter, she clinched a position as one of the final contestants in WGCI Chicago’s Freshest M.C. Contest. She went on to compete in the Chicago Idol search, and is now Ta’Marah the Entertainer, the Actress, the Entrepreneur, the Woman!

Ta’Marah has had the pleasure of working with many professional artists and producers in the music and theatre arena while participating in performances such as “Show Time at the Apollo”, “West Virginia Beach Festivals”, “The Cotton Club”, “House of Blues” and a host of many others. She is a very seasoned and wise young woman with magnificent stage presence. Her understanding of Purpose and Destiny transcends her talent as a Performer, Vocal Producer, Vocal Technique Trainer, Publishing Consultant, Songwriter, Theater Instructor, Stage Director, Certified Massage Therapist, and an Inspirational Speaker.

Ta’Marah strongly desires for others to understand, that the source of her strength and the joy displayed is that of the anointing, faith, hope and at times intense pain. This presses her to strive and focus her energy on what really should be, and oppose what sometimes appears to be. “Sometimes it’s summertime, winter then it is fall, except the season of change and you learn to embrace them all, everything ain’t all sunshine and as pretty as the summer dew, but it’s the seed saturated in the winter that makes this flower of life come through.”

Once you encounter this young woman you are guaranteed to never forget her presence. A diamond in the ruff not easily pulled apart. From Yesterday To Today comes Ta’Marah!!! Prepare to encounter and take a journey with the Soul Diva of Inspiration.